DOCG wines in Tuscany

DOCG stands for Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita. This is the highest recognition that can be awarded to a wine. In order to qualify for this certification, wine producers must be strictly in line with rules governing every aspect of the wine making process. The DOCG recognition is only given to the very best wines in the country. To qualify, a wine must already have held the DOC certification for at least 5 years. There is a strict set of rules for the DOC recognition to be applied, checked and analyzed by a disciplinary board which cover every aspect of the wine making process. DOCG wines also have to undergo a chemical analysis during the production stage.

Pienza, city of Art and Pecorino cheese

Along the way from Trequanda to Montalcino, we find the city of Pienza, a superb example of Renaissance architecture, built upon request by Enea Silvio Piccolomini, who was Pope Pio II from 1458

Pienza is a recognised UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Every second weekend in May the “Pienza and its flowers” show and market of plants and flowers is held. In occasion of this exhibition plant breeders and schools of the sector meet up to re-propose wonderful floral scenes inspired by Renaissance art, within the most beautiful areas of the city.

2013 World Road Cycling Championships in Tuscany 21-29 September 2013.

The 80th World Road Cycling Championships will be held in Tuscany from September 22 to 29, 2013.

Tuscany's greatest cycling champs like Gino Bartali, Fiorenzo Magni, Gastone Nencini, Roberto Poggiali, Franco Ballerini, Mario Cipollini, Andrea Tafi, Francesco Casagrande, Michele Bartoli and Paolo Bettini raced and trained on Tuscan itineraries that are part of the history of Italian cycling, but these routes are also representative of the beauty, uniqueness, culture and history of the Tuscan region. Those who decide to visit Tuscany have a wealth of options to choose from: an itinerary from the World Road Championships, a trekking tour through the country, a mountain bike tour in the hills, and even a motor cycle tour along the region's winding country roads. Cycling addicts as well as lovers of slow travel will be able to visit and experience several stretches of the 2013 world championship routes.


The Chamber of Commerce of Grosseto is working hard on marketing the area “Maremma” in Tuscany. The target is important: to obtain the Controlled Origin Denomination (D.O.C.) seal for the entire area.

The spotlight is already on and focused on the territorial excellence of that part of the Tuscan Region that has its capital at Grosseto.

In 2010 the promotion started with the Maremma Wine Shire, trade fair of wines from the Tuscan Maremma, at the Grosseto Fair in Braccagni, featuring over 150 companies based in the territory, offering over a thousand wines.
In October 2010 the wines were presented at Maremma Wine Shire in Milan.