Tourist tax in Italy and Tuscany

All major cities in Italy (Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples and Venice) but also smaller towns, mostly in touristic areas in Italy have recently introduced (2012) a tourist tax for non-residents.

In Tuscany the tax is applied in about 50% of all cities and towns. Especially in the province of Florence almost all towns are applying the tourist tax. 
The local administrations are in charge of the tax and therefore different conditions and requirements apply. 

CHIANTI, Wine and Food Traditions


It is easy to say that the identity of Chianti lies in its wine, but it would be a simplification. Yet it is absolutely true that this is a terroir that is among the most important, fascinating and famous in the world. 

Chianti vineyards
Side by side with wine this rural wisdom has also preserved and then re-launched olive-oil, has brought back the  pig breed Cinta Senese and a certain amount of sheep-rearing with the production of excellent sheep’s-milk cheeses (pecorino). Part of Chianti’s identity lies in its cuisine. Every dish is the result of a culture that harks back to the land and the bond established between man and environment, perhaps maintained more than elsewhere precisely because here it has been experienced more.