Massa Marittima

Lying on a panoramic hill, the historical town centre of Massa Marittima, enclosed within a well-preserved city wall, represents one of the most important urban and architectural complexes in Tuscany.

Massa Marittima Cathedral
Massa Marittima, Cathedral
The town is located in southern Tuscany, in the province of Grosseto, in the area called Maremma. Narrow streets climb up and down the hill, leading to a magical place where a harmony of lines welcomes today’s visitor, leaving him to breathlessly admire shapes and colours that have no limits in time. They are reunited in one atmosphere, the piazza, all of the buildings necessary for the public life of a city of Communal times (XIII century): the cathedral, Palazzo della Podestà, the Town Hall, the market place, and a little further on the Mint and the public Fountain.