Pinocchio Park in Collodi (PT), Tuscany, Italy

In the province of Pistoia, in Tuscany, in the town of Collodi, you find Pinocchio Park, a beautiful and well maintained outdoor park, with sculptures and statues of the characters and relevant passages of the tale of Pinocchio. Children who know the story love this place. Collodi is a small town which is part of the bigger town of Pescia and is situated at 17 km from Lucca.

The terrible Dogfish
Some of the characters which are represented in the park are: "il gatto e la volpe" (the fox and the cat), "il grillo parlante" (the talking cricket), "il terribile pescecane" (the terrible Dogfish),  and "la fata azzurra" (the blue-haired fairy), ...

The writer of Pinocchio, Carlo Lorenzini, grew up in  Collodi, and later he used Collodi as his pseudonym, Carlo Collodi.

The Pinocchio Park is not a real entertainment park but a theme park. The atmosphere makes you relive the world famous story. The park is open every day from March to October and from November to February only in the weekend and on public holidays. 

Beside the Pinocchio Park you find the Storico Giardino Garzoni in Collodi, a garden which is considered one of the most beautiful gardens of Italy. You can visit the Garzoni Garden seperately or you can buy a ticket which is valid for both the Giardino Garzoni and Pinocchio Park.

Farmhouse with pool in Capannori at 9 km from Collodi

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