Eurochocolate 2013 in Perugia Umbria

From Friday 18 October until Sunday 27 October 2013, the 20th edition of the international chocolate festival, Eurochocolate, takes place in Perugia.

With the slogan EverGreen, this year’s event focuses on environment-friendly issues. The official figure of Eurochocolate 2013 is fully focused on the green aspect, a mint plant (mint and chocolate taste great together) in a tasty cup of chocolate.
The exhibition takes place in the city centre of Perugia and it attracts many entrepreneurs from the chocolate sector and Eurochocolate attracts around one million visitors, mainly tourists.


You can admire chocolate sculptures, discover and taste the strangest chocolate creations and buy nice and unique souvenirs. Each year there is something extraordinary made of chocolate like an igloo constructed out of chocolate bricks or the largest chocolate bar in the world.
If you want to visit Eurochocolate, with Ryanair you can fly directly to Perugia from Brussels-Charleroi or from London. Perugia is situated 80 km from Arezzo and 70 km from Montepulciano (SI).
Contemporary with the World Cycling Championship Eurochocolate inaugurates a new Chocostore in Lucca on 27 September. You can find Chocostores in Perugia, Cortona and Siena and with the new store in Lucca Chocostore confirms its intentions to expand along the Tuscan chocolate valley between Arezzo, Florence, Prato and Pisa, a strategic area which made Tuscan chocolate famous abroad for its quality and artisanal production.

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