Dream holidays in sunny Tuscany

Thinking of going on holiday to Tuscany? Well, I just came accross some interesting data; good reasons for choosing Tuscany as your next holiday destination.

In six months from April through September southern Tuscany (Grosseto) has about 1.600 sunshine hours. That's about twice as much as in London in the same period. In summer, from June through August, on average there are over 310 sunshine hours per month, which makes an average of around 10 hours a day, with average maximum temperatures around 30-32°C.

Right below you see what a summer weather forecast in Tuscany usually looks like.

Needless to say that you can also leave your umbrella at home in summer. In the south of Tuscany, in the Maremma area, you would have about 3-4 days with precipatation per month for a total of about 20-27 mm rainfall per month, which mostly comes down all at once in a short summer thunderstorm or in small quantities at night on the most humid days. Pay attenttion though: in the northern areas of Tuscany like Lunigiana or Garfagana, which are some of Italy’s greenest areas, there is a lot more rainfall.

The most appropriate way to discover Tuscany with sunny summer weather is by scooter or Vespa. Scooter rentals are available roughly all over Tuscany.

Innamorata Beach, Capoliveri, Elba Island
If you prefer milder temperatures in summer I can suggest holiday destinations like Elba Island or one of the Tuscan beach resorts like Castiglione della Pescaia or Follonica, more northern locations as the Lunigiana area or Massa and Carrara, or mountainous areas as Garfagnana, Mount Amiata or the Casentino area.

Pisa, the Leaning Tower
If you are not into suntanning and relaxing by the pool or at the beach, you may want to choose milder months to explore Tuscany: average maximum temperatures are 20°C in April, 25°C in May, 27°C in September and 23°C in October, which are definitely more appropriate for sightseeing, visiting cities of art like Siena, Florence, Arezzo or Pisa, or discovering the beautiful nature in areas like Chianti or Maremma either by bike, on foot or by car.

Farmhouses Holiday homes Villas in Tuscany and on Elba Island 


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