Carnival Parades in Follonica

When Carnival time is approaching the Tuscan towns of Viareggio (LU) and Follonica (GR) prepare the annual parades of floats and masks, usually made of paper-pulp, depicting caricatures of popular people, such as politicians, showmen and sportsmen or of current affairs. 

Viareggio’s parade is by far the most famous in Tuscany, but also the parade in Follonica can count on lots of visitors and appreciation lately. 

Follonica is a popular beach resort in the summer, mostly visited by Italians from the bigger Tuscan cities in the hinterland.  It is located in the centre of Maremma, a vast area in Tuscany bordering the Tyrrhenian Sea, consisting of part of south-western Tuscany from Livorno throughout Grosseto, to northern Lazio, Maremma Laziale
The city has been awarded the Bandiera Blu (Blue Flag) every year from 2000 for the cleanliness of its beaches and its seawater. The beautiful beaches in this area are numerous : Torre Mozza, Carbonifera - Pappasole, Prato Ranieri, Il Boschetto in Follonica and , La Polveriera, Cala Violina and Casetta Civinini in the neighbouring town Scarlino.  

This year the carnival parades in Follonica will be held on Sunday 16 and 23 February and Sunday 2 March 2014.

Tuscan Carnival treats called 'CENCI'

'Cenci’ are traditional sweets that are prepared throughout Tuscany during Carnival. These delicious treats are made with fried dough and covered with powdered sugar. In Italian, their name means ‘rags’ because that’s exactly what these haphazard treats look like! They’re golden, crispy, light and easy to prepare.

Holiday village with pool in Scarlino near Follonica

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