Famous visitors in Tuscany

Guess what Mister Bean and Nick Mason, the drummer of Pink Floyd, are doing on a normal week day in May on a sunny terrace in Tuscany, more particularly in the relatively small town of Roccastrada in the region Maremma? As you can see in the picture they enjoy an espresso and relax in the Tuscan sun.

The 59-year old popular British comedian and actor Rowan Atkinson, better known as Mister Bean, is in Italy, together with the drummer of Pink Floyd and many others, for a reunion of collectors of McLaren cars. They are touring throughout Italy to explore the most beautiful places. Of course this also includes a visit to Tuscany and the region Maremma.

A few days ago, in Val di Cecina, in the district of Pisa, more precisely between Saline di Volterra and Pomarance, one of the splendid luxury cars was involved in an accident. An American millionaire lost control over his car, a Mclaren F1, which ended up against a tree and was heavily damaged. Rowan Atkinson, who was driving behind the unfortunate man, together with some of his companions, helped the driver get out of his destroyed car. The victim was transferred by helicopter to the hospital in Pisa. It seems that his condition is not too serious. In 2011 it was Rowan Atkinson himself to be protagonist of a crash with his McLaren F1 in Northamptonshire in the UK.
Picture "die Tageszeitung"

Finally it is also interesting to know that Matteo Renzi, Italy's current prime minister, is often cartooned by the local media for his resemblance to Mr Bean.

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