Tuscany, a true kitesurfing paradise

The Etruscan Coast, the perfect place for an active beach holiday in Tuscany.

SUP (Stand Up Paddling)
The Etruscan coast is a real Walhalla for watersport lovers. Along the almost 90 km long coastline you can practise windsurfing, sup and kitesurfing. This is one of the best places to go kitesurfing or windsurfing in Italy. The wind is always perfectly blowing from western directions (so side-shore or side-on-shore). Kitesurfing in Tuscany is a unique and very special experience. The afternoon wind is perfect for beginners and experienced kiters.

Kite Beach Fiumara in Marina di Grosseto
But what is kitesurfing exactly? It's an addictive game between man, water and wind. It's similar to windsurfing, but it offers more freedom. You use a kite and a smaller and much lighter board. In this area the ideal kite size is 9 to 12m2. Kitesurfing is not so well known as windsurfing but along the Etruscan coast it's a very popular sport. Due to the risks of this sport, beginners need to take lessons to get started. For a basic course consider about 250.00 to 300.00 euro, usually for about 5 lessons, including the use of the equipment. 

These are some of the most popular kite spots along the Tuscan coast from North to South.

Water Sports Village Oasi del Mare in Calambrone
Calambrone: The varieties of winds makes Calambrone a good kite spot, it's always windy, and usually the wind blows from West or Southwest, which makes the sea often a bit choppy. Here you can even kitesurf with southeast and northwest wind. 

Vada: The direction of the wind at the beautiful white beaches of Vada is mostly from the West. But even on a nice windy day with southwind you can fly out here. If you love jumping northwestwind tends to bring the best waves. Punto Azzurro and Mazzanta are perfect with southwind, and moreover this spot is ideal for beginners because the water is always flat there. 

Donoratico: Go to Donoratico when there's southeastwind. This place is very popular in spring and autumn.

Perelli: In Perelli you can kitesurf with southeastwind.

KM31 Kite beach, Castiglione della Pescaia
Puntone di Scarlino: This is a great spot for beginners, mostly calm sea and northwestwind.

Castiglione della Pescaia: The perfect summer spot. Relatively calm sea with a great northwestwind.

Marina di Grosseto: In this area you can find many kite schools, most of them have a large zone for landing and launching. It's the perfect location to learn kitesurfing. The shallow water and the massive size of the spots make learning easy. Mostly northwestwind. 

Talamone Bay: This spot is perfectly suitable for beginners, the water is usually flat and remains shallow for a good distance. You can kite here if the wind swings round to a westerly direction, from Northwest to Southeast.

Kitesurfing in Italy in the Maremma area in Tuscany is a unique experience. The sea, the waves and especially the perfect wind make this place a paradise for kitesurfers. 

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