The much discussed Fiat 500X commercial in Tuscany

the new Fiat 500X (photo
By now almost everyone will have seen the commercial for the new Fiat 500X, also known as the commercial with the "Viagra". In America everybody saw the TV-spot at the Super Bowl, and now the spot has become famous in Europe too. The commercial was recorded in the picturesque town of Pitigliano in the Tuscan area of Maremma.

Pitigliano is located in the most southern province of Tuscany, Grosseto. Most of the houses are built with tuff bricks and the hill on which the town of Pitigliano is built consists of tuff rocks. The Italian brand Fiat chose this beautiful town because it perfectly combines tradition with the irony of the commercial. 

Piazza della Repubblica, Pitigliano (photo francy65)
The spot begins with a panoramic scene of the idyllic hillside town Pitigliano and then a view inside a typical Tuscan house of an Italian couple. The older man wants to take his last Viagra tablet, but he's just a little too excited and accidentally the blue tablet flies out the window. It rolls along the streets and alleys of Pitigliano and along the fountain in the central square of Piazza della Repubblica. After a whole detour the blue pill eventually ends up in the petrol tank of a Fiat 500 of a young man who's about to refuel and the Viagra starts working ... the Fiat 500 grows and becomes a Fiat 500X. 

Certainly a wonderful advertising spot for Fiat, but also extraordinary exposure for one of the most beautiful towns of Italy and Tuscany, Pitigliano, which belongs to the club of I Borghi più Belli d'Italia

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