8 March Women's Day in Italy

8 March is International Women’s Day and Festa della Donna in Italy. It has become a common habit in Italy that on 8 March men offer a bouquet of mimosa flowers to the women in their lives, be they wives, daughters, mothers, girlfriends or employees.

Besides that, in Italy 8 March has become the occasion for women to go out with their girlfriends and enjoy themselves. This means that on 8 March in the restaurants most customers are female. Also shops and cinemas try to attract extra customers by offering the symbolic mimosa flowers to their female clients on Women's Day.

torta mimosa
In recent years the beautiful yellow mimosa flowers have inspired restaurant and pastry chefs to create a variety of dishes and cakes which remind of mimosa. One of the most popular creations is probably the Torta Mimosa, a delicious dessert which comes in different forms and with different ingredients, but all with the crumbled sponge cake on top, an imitation of the small mimosa flowers.     

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Wine estate with pool in Cerreto Guidi between Pisa and Florence

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